Sachi Wada   


Karate health and fitness expert Sachi will show you real Karate training, competitions, and merchandise inside Japan!

Sachi Wada
President of Sachiway Co.,Ltd
Founder of Kardiokick/Powermotion
Holistic Health coach
Macrobiotic Master license

Sachiko Wada trained in Karate in the UK and Japan,
going on to compete in major karate tournaments in
which she achieved world champion titles.

1995 British Northern Karate Championship 1st place
1995-1997 US OPEN (Orlando, Fl) 1st place
1996 Holland Karate Tournament 1st place
1997 Battle of Atlanta 1st place

Based on her experience as a trainer in martial arts,
Sachi has designed the ultimate karate exercise, Kardiokick.

Owner of the Japanese health and fitness company Sachiway,
Sachi has trained and licensed over 400 instructors in Kardiokick
that is popular in many fitness clubs and gyms all over Japan.

She has 3 DVDs on the market produced by TDK company and
they are one of the best selling fitness DVDs by Amazon.

Karate High kick by Sachi Wada

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