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Valentine’s day in Japan. A very strange tradition you will never believe!!

❤Valentine’s Day in Japan❤

We celebrate Valentine’s day in a unique style in Japan.

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world like Christmas or Halloween.  We celebrate Valentine’s day in Japan but much different to the western style.

On February 14, women give a gift of chocolate to men. Not just to your husband or boyfriend but could be fathers, bosses, teachers, co-workers, even to the female friends, so most Japanese women give several chocolates on that day.  There are different kinds of chocolates on Valentine’s day, depending on who they’re giving it to.

“Honmei-choco”   is for a boyfriend, husband or lover – For special someone in your life that you want to express your love. Honmei-choco is often handmade. For school girls, it’s time to reveal true feeling to their crush when they give a Honmei-choco.


valentine chocolate


“Giri-choco” means obligation chocolate given to any men other than your true love.  This culture may seem strange but it’s just another way of showing our gratitude and appreciation,  making other people happy.  No one feels bad about receiving chocolates from girls on Valentine’s day even it’s not a statement of romance.

“Tomo-Choco” is given to your close female friends. Mostly school girls or young girls enjoy their own special Valentine’s Day moments by making chocolate or go shopping to select pretty little chocolates.

You will start seeing large displays of chocolates in department stores from mid-January. Days before the Valentine’s Day, stores get packed with a large variety of chocolates, the cooking tools, and women!


Valentine’s day in Japan                                                (Resource: Hyogo Keizai plus )



So maybe it’s a great time for the sweet tooth to visit Japan during Valentine’s day season, as there will be many varieties of Japanese Valentine chocolates!





Please let me know if you have any questions about Valentine’s day in Japan 🙂
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