Japanese Food

Do not forget to eat “Yakitori” when you visit Japan.


The Most Popular Cuisine in Japan!!


“Yaki” means Grilled and “Tori” means Bird(Chichen), those together “Yakitori” is a Japanese style Grilled chicken skewers.

Yakitori is very popular among Japanese people of all age group. Not only because it’s so tasty but also it is inexpensive casual dining style.

Yakitori, the Grilled chicken may appear to be simple but in fact its deep, the quality and freshness of the meat, how its grilled(By gas or coral), the skills of the chef, the taste of the sauce(tare), and atmosphere of the restaurant.


Yakitori-ya in Japan

I recommend you to go to the typical specialized Yakitori restaurant called Yakitori-ya to experience our food culture.  However, it may be challenging for foreigners to enter and make orders because they are commonly sold by the stick or a set of two sticks.  You need to know the name of the parts of meat you want to eat and how you want it to be seasoned, salted or Yakitori source(Teriyaki taste).   It is best to order them in small batches rather than in a single large order to eat while fresh off the grill.


For families especially with kids, I recommend you to visit a Yakitori Restaurant that offers set meals comes with a bowl of rice, multiple types of Yakitori and miso soup.

Yakitori Lunch at Masakiya

Okosama Lunch(Japanese style kids meal) at Masakiya


I like the Yakitori restaurant called Masakiya because the restaurants are spacier, kids friendly, and they have much variety of chicken dishes other than Yakitori.  There have 14 restaurants all around Kansai Area(Osaka, Kyoto, Kyobe, Nagoya, Okayama).    They even have Take out Bentos!!

Yakitori is meant to be eaten with your hands, it is not a bad manner to eat directly off the skewer but you can use your chopsticks to remove the meat from the skewer before consuming it if you prefer.  A small cup may be provided on the table to discard used skewers into.

Popular Yakitori


Momo (もも)    The thigh meat







Hato/Hatsu(ハート/ハツ)or Kokoro(こころ) chicken heart 

Negima(ねぎま) Chicken and Leek


Tsukune(つくね) Chicken meatballs


Popular Vegetables

Negi (ねぎ)   Leek

Tamanegi (たまねぎ)   Onion

Eringi  (えりんぎ)  Eringi

Yasai moriawase(やさい もりあわせ) Vegetable combo

Piman Bacon maki(ピーマンベーコンまき) Greenpepper and Bacon

Please let me know if you have any questions about Yakitori in Japan 🙂
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Name 所在地 Phone Website
Namba Osakashi Chuoku Namba4-4-7 06-6641-6527 店舗ページへ
Nan Nan
Osakashi Chuoku Namba 5Chome NanNan Town 7Go 06-6632-7880 店舗ページへ
Namba WALK Osakashi Chuoku Sennichimae 1Chome Nijinomachi5-11Go Sanbangai Kitadori 06-6213-6198 店舗ページへ
WHITY Umeda Osakashi Kitaku Sumida-cho Umeda Chikagai  2-4Go Northmall1 06-6312-2180 店舗ページへ
Hankyu Sanbangai Osakashi Kitaku Shibata 1-1-3 Hankyu Sanbangai Minami Kan B2 06-6373-3773 店舗ページへ
Senboku Panjo Osakafu Sakaishi Minamiku Chayamadai 1-3-1 Senboku Panjyo 4F 072-294-3310 店舗ページへ
The Restaurants in the Department Stores
Name Address Phone Website
Umeda Daimaru Osakashi Kitaku Umeda3-1-1(B1) 06-6343-3858 店舗ページへ
Shinsaibashi Daimaru Osakashi Chuoku Shinsaibashisuji 1-7-1(B1) 06-6252-8687 店舗ページへ
Kyoto Daimaru Kyotoshi Shimokyoku Shijyodori Takakuranishiiru Tachiurinishi machi 79(B1) 075-241-7116 店舗ページへ
Kobe Daimaru Kobeshi Chuoku Akashicho40 (B1) 078-393-0313 店舗ページへ
Osaka Takashimaya Osakashi Chuoku Namba5-1-5(B1) 06-6636-2299 店舗ページへ
Sakai Takashimaya Sakashi Sakaiku Mikunigaoka Miyukidori 59(1F) 072-238-5231 店舗ページへ
Kyoto Takashimaya Kyotoshi Shimokyoku Shijyodori Kawaramachinishiiru Shincho 52 (B1) 075-212-4330 店舗ページへ
Nagoya Matsuzakaya Nagoyashi Nakaku Sakae 3-16-1 052-251-2122 店舗ページへ
Okayama Takashimaya Okayamashi Kitaku Honmachi 6-40  (B1) 086-233-0393 店舗ページへ



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