Onsen with Mt.Fuji view

Hot Spring(Onsen)

How to improve your Health and Beauty with Hot Spring “Onsen”

As I was born and raised in the famous Hot Spring Onsen town called Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, I am definitely an Onsen Lover who can not live without it.



Shirahama Onsen

Onsen in Shirahama (Image:jalan.net)


The amazing Health and Beauty benefits of Hot Spring Onsen.


First of all, why Japanese people love bathing at Onsen so much?!  It’s not only because it’s relaxing… but much more to that.

It is because Onsen contributes so much to health and beauty.  Soaking in natural hot spring is a treasured pastime that’s steeped in thousands of years of traditions and that contributes to the health and longevity of Japanese. This is because Japanese hot spring(Onsen) have a number of therapeutic benefits.

Hot Spring Onsen in the forest

Hot Spring Onsen in the forest


Onsen increase your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals. The special health benefits various by the quality of each Onsen, improving Skin diseases, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Neuralgia, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure and so on. Some of the Onsens are very popular as many people gather from the far distance because of these health benefits.

Even though you don’t have serious health problems that need to solve, it is great to relax, charge your energy and enhance your health and beauty. Most of the people experience smoother moist skin and lighter body.

If you choose to visit Onsen resort(Ryokan) in the countryside, you have the opportunity to enjoy Japanese nature and culture as well as delicious local food. You can pamper yourself totally to improve your body’s natural ability for self-healing.


Onsen with Mt.Fuji view

Outdoor Onsen With Mt.Fuji View



Tips to make most out of the Hot Spring Onsen.


Take a Hot bath and Cold bath (Cold Shower) Alternately.
Some Onsen has a Hot bath and Cold bath and already recommend you to take a bath this way with an instruction bord. If not you can simply take a break and take a cold shower slowly from your foot towards your shoulders and back.

This will help you to
● Enhance blood circulation
● Balance the autonomic nervous system
● Stop you from getting dizzy


Onsen in Japan

Drink plenty of water
Most of Onsen facility provides a water cooler dispenser or a vending machine, make sure to drink before, during and after the bath.

This will help you to
● Detox more 
● Raise your metabolism up and burn more fat
● Maintain  the body’s fluid balance


Drinking water

Drinking Water at Onsen


Control your way of soaking in the bath
You may want to soak your whole body into the Onsen at first but take it easy, adjust how deep you want to soak yourself, just don’t think you need to dip in fully and stay like that the whole time. Sit on the stairs in the bath soaking the half of your body or just dipping your legs are fine.(We call this style of bathing “Ashiyu”).  Don’t worry you can still get the benefit, most important thing is for you to relax with your own style.


Find the Onsen suitable for you and your family.
There are more than 3000 registered hot spring resorts and around 30,000 resort spas in Japan, according to Preservation and Use of Hot Springs, Ministry of the Environment.
It may be a good idea to look for an Onsen resort(or Ryokan) that you can make a reservation for a private family bath(Kaozoku-Buro) if you are not used to public baths or with a small child.

Family Bath (Kizoku-Buro)                              Image source:hotel.shimoda100.com


Dubble the benefit by incorporating Abdominal Breathing method!
The deep breathing is the key to enhance the benefit of Onsen, breath gently into the lower lungs, expanding the abdomen. Try to inhale 3 counts through your nose and exhale slowly counting 6.  Practice this breathing method for 5 to 10 times and breath normal but bit slower and deeper through your nose.

This will help you to:
Spike up your metabolism and burn more FAT.
Ease your tension of muscle and joints
Absorb more minerals of Onsen
Increase the Immunity



Roten-buro (Outdoor Bath)


So, are you ready to take your clothes off and Dive into Onsen?!  Remeber to take it easy!! lol
You can also implement these tips at your own bath.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Onsen 🙂
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