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8 Tips to Survive at Universal Studios Japan in Winter with Kids

8 tips to enjoy Universal Studios Japan with kids in the winter season


Hello. I’m Sachi the founder of “Visit Japan with Kids”, as I am living about 40min drive away from Universal Studios Japan I visit there several times a year with my 2 daughters.

I know visiting BIG theme park is exciting for both kids and parents BUT it can prove to be quite the nightmare!

For example, you need to worry about…….

  • Weather condition
  • Crowded condition/ Waiting time
  • Food choices
  • Restrooms
  • What to bring

Some of you may get tired before you go…right?

But don’t worry, you will have an amazing time and able to make fantastic memories if you are well prepared and have a good plan!!

Note that Universal Studio Japan is built by the coast, so it can be very breezy. You need to be well prepared for cold wind.

The coldest season is from the end of January to the beginning of February. The highest temperature is 10~12C(50~53.6F) and low is 2~4C(35.6~39.2F).

I am weak in cold weather and make me so worry if my kids catch a cold, however, Universal Studio Japan is full of exciting special events and beautiful decorations in Christmas time, we always end up having a great time.


So go for it!   You just need to be well prepared!!


Here is some tips to enjoy Universal Studios Japan in winter!

1.  Wear light but warm winter coat. (windbreaker type is good) You need to choose clothes that easy to take on and off as you will be in and out of attractions.

2.  Thermal clothing underneath the turtleneck sweater is recommended.  Wearing a knitted cap to keep your head and ear warmer is a good idea.


3. Small blankets or bath towelsyou can use it to cover your child warm or fold it and use it as a cushion when you are waiting for the parade.  You can find them in the 100yen shop and bring or you can also purchase character hooded poncho like bellow at Universal Studios Japan to be a memorial.

USJ online store 提供

4. Hokkairo (Portable warm pad) is very popular among Japanese people. You can get it at any convenience store or drugstore.

5.  Wear winter boots, warm socks and Hokkairo(portable warm pad) for foot will be helpful. Your foot and legs will be freezing cold while you waiting in line, easy to walk

6. Carry thermos water bottle. I usually carry thermos water bottle that I fill with hot Japanese tea. Sipping hot water or tea keep you and kids warm and hydrated. 

7. There are a convenience store and a drugstore at the city walk before you enter USJ where you can buy Hokkairo, drink, some snack, baby food, Disposable diaper and so on.  Open from 10 AM to 10 PM.


8. Information about Family Services in Universal Studios Japan (From USJ web site)

Facilities for breastfeeding, baby feeding and diaper changing are available. Also equipped with hot water dispensers and microwaves for preparing baby formula or baby food.

■ Location
Located next to Guest Services/Inside Universal Wonderland

Diaper Changing Tables

Total of 37 units installed. Disposable diapers can be disposed of here.

■ Location
One unit installed in each of 16 men’s / ladies’ restrooms inside the park (except in the restaurant restrooms).

Baby Food

Baby food for babies aged between 7 and 12 months old is sold here.

■ Location
– Snoopy’s™ Backlot Café
– Studio Stars Restaurant®

Baby Carriage Rental

Located at the counter inside the entrance on the right. 1000yen for a day.

■ Location
Counter to the right of the entrance


Coin Lockers

Due to Large-sized lockers are only located outside the Park.
Please use them before you enter the Park.

Stored items will be removed and kept for the prescribed period after the Park is closed.
(Please note that the excess storage fee will be charged.)
Please pick up your stored items at Guest Services on or after the following day.

2 locations in the Park
(1 location: 1-time use MAP, 1 location: can be used multiple times a day MAP)
2 locations outside the Park (1-time use MAP)

  • Small (357×453×398)
  • Medium (357×453×533)
  • Large (357×453×802)
  • Multiple Time Use (360×425×300)

I hope you find this information helpful!!

Wish you a happy and safe trip to Japan with kids!

I will keep writing more information for you. Please contact me if you have any question or need help with filling up the form below.

Sending my love to you from Osaka! Matane~!



Please send me a message if you have any questions! and please stay in touch by
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The Universal Studio Japan

Universal City Walk Osaka

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