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7 reasons why I recommend you to Visit Japan with Kids!

Hello, I am Sachi in Osaka. Today I would like write about
7 reasons why I recommend you to Visit Japan with Kids!


1. Cleanness of Japan

First, you will be surprised by the cleanness when you Visit Japan.    Even central city or public places and transport are kept very clean.

Also, the majority of Japanese people like to take a bath every day and occasionally enjoy Onsen. (hot springs) We are custom to wash our hands and gargle often, very conscious about hygiene.

2. You can both enjoy the urban city and natural landscapes within a short distance.

Because Japan is only a tiny Ireland, everything is placed very compactly.

You can hop on the train or a bus from the city and you will get to the beautiful Japanese countryside within a few hours.

Japan is filled with perfect landscapes scattered across the country.  Beaches are all around the country and also many great hiking trails. You should plan well to fit all these activities when you Visit Japan.

Mt. Fuji and Five-Storied Pagoda

3. Japanese people are very friendly and always very happy to help you

You may find some Japanese people are shy to foreigners but it doesn’t mean they don’t like to talk to you, they just simply can’t speak English well so don’t want to offend you by saying something incorrectly.

Other than that Japanese people are usually very polite and always very happy to contribute to others especially to visitors.

4. One of the safest place in the world.

The last thing we want to do as a parent is to put our kids’ life at the risk.  Japan is the safest city in Asia with only 1.4% of the population had been victims of assault, according to the report by Organizations of Economic Cooperation and Development.  You can even go out at night time with kids and feel totally safe.

Even policemen are pretty laid back like this….

Japanese Police man (Image source: Movie “Inuno Omawarisan”

Actually, I captured this image from the movie…..

But I still think they are not intimidating but very kind and helpful.

5. Healthy and nice to look food

Japanese food is known as low-fat healthy food. We are custom to eat fresh fish and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We eat fermented food at each meal such as Miso, Japanese pickles(Tukemono), Natto, Soy source and so on. This food can activate good bacteria and keep your gut healthy.

Don’t worry, even fussy kids can enjoy Okosama Lunch(Japanese Kiddy meals)

Okosama Lunch (Image source: hakkei-yubara.jp)

Okosama Lunch (Image source: hakkei-yubara.jp)

Okosama Lunch (Image source: umenohana.co.jp)

Okosama Lunch has a variety of food kids like on one plate and it’s nicely decorated. The food is very fun to look at to and enjoyable to eat.

Okosama lunch usually has kids’ favorite, such as Hamberg steak, Sausages, Spaghetti, deep fried shrimp, ketchup rice or Onigiri and pudding.

You can find Okosama Lunch anywhere in Japan.

6. Many theme parks, museums, zoos and more for kids to enjoy.

Tokyo Disneyland and The Universal Studios Japan is the most popular theme park, however, you can find more budget-friendly and unique places to visit with kids all over Japan such as Cupnoodle museum, Manga museum etc.  Tsukiji fish market and Nara deer park are fun, even free to walk around.


Tokyo Disneyland


Deer in Nara

If you would like to read about Nara, please click the link below.
“A Perfect day trip to Nara with kids”

7. Great for shopping

From 100yen shop to a high-grade department store, many many unique stores you can find, I am sure time flies. I bet kids love to find their own cool Japanese gadgets.

Hope you enjoy reading my article and excited about visiting Japan!!

I will write much more details about each topic so please visit again.

And importantly, please make sure to let me know if you want me to cover specific topic!

Until then Matane!

Sending my love from Osaka




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